• NCCI will receive membership fees from ordinary members and will also receive membership fees from associate members

• Associate members as part of their membership subscription will be able to sponsor events and conferences. They will have the opportunity to be foundation sponsors of NCCI over multi year periods. This will provide over the horizon funding to NCCI to assist in the on-going funding requirements of managing the organisation

• NCCI will provide advisory services to government and private contractors with specialist advice on how to manage the indigenous component of large infrastructure contracts undertaken on Noongar land. These services provided by NCCI will enable government and the private contractors to liaise with one body which will manage the communication for the various indigenous stakeholders in the community and commercial engagement aspects of the large infrastructure projects

• Theses advisory services will be provided on a retainer basis by NCCI to the government authorities and private organisations.

• NCCI will also initially seek grant funding from government to assist in the funding of the initial administrative support such as an executive officer

• NCCI will hold events such as networking breakfasts, lunches and sundowner events with keynote speakers form the Noongar business community.