NCCI will be a self-sustaining organisation that will assist with the indigenous component of major projects within the South West Region of WA.

NCCI will be able to assist government and private contractors in the process of commercial engagement with the Noongar community.

NCCI will facilitate the capability development of current and future businesses within the Noongar community. This will enable Noongar businesses to successfully tender for the indigenous component of large infrastructure projects on Noongar Country.

NCCI will do this through providing assistance in the following areas of strategic indigenous engagement:

• Business coaching throughout the life cycle of a business

• Managing of the interaction between cultural awareness and commercial engagement

• Employment/Training

• Procurement

• Project Management

• NCCI will advise government and private organisations on implementing the indigenous component of major construction projects that will be undertaken on Noongar Country.

• NCCI will also provide other services as part of its capacity building such as mentoring, networking, training and conferences