about us

NCCI was founded by a group of like-minded and passionate business leaders within the Noongar business community.

• The NCCI will fill the void that currently exists between the commercial world in which Noongar businesses operate and Noongar community cultural values. It will enable the creation of sustainable Noongar businesses.

• The process of creating NCCI has been a 4 year journey for the founding members.

• NCCI will have a pivotal role in the capability development of future Noongar business leaders


The functions of the Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to:

a- Foster Trade

b- Advocacy

c- Capacity Building and;

d- Create Wealth

The founding directors of the NCCI are:

• Gordon Cole

• Richard Walley

• Karen Jacobs

• Danny Ford

• Oral McGuire

• Michael Hayden